Basic Online Blackjack Strategies

If you enjoy playing online blackjack, then you must know the basic online blackjack strategy. Such a strategy will help determine whether a player should draw another card (hit) or not draw another card (stand).

In order for you understand and execute any basic online blackjack strategy, you must first know the objective of blackjack. The objective of this game is for you to reach a hand of value (should not go over 21) that is greater than that of the dealer's hand. The strategy can be determined based on the player's existing hand value which could be a soft total or a hard total. The value 11 is assigned to ace in a soft total. The good thing about the soft total casino offers is that the ace can assume the value 1 if required later. The hard total may come with no ace or with an ace of value 1 (to avoid the hand from going bust).

The basic online blackjack strategy for hard totals:

When the current hand value is 11 or less than 11 there is no chance for you to go bust. Even if you draw an ace, it will count as 1. If your current hand value is 11 or less, you should always hit. However, if your current hand value is between 17 & 21, you need to draw only small cards to prevent busting. The basic online blackjack strategy in this regard is for you to always stand. The basic online blackjack strategy for soft totals:

When you have a current hand value of soft 17, the basic online blackjack strategy is for you hit because you have the flexibility to change the value of ace to 1. However, if you have soft 18 or a value higher than that, the chances casino games for the dealer to deal a better hand is unlikely. The basic online blackjack strategy, in this case, is for you to stand.